Swyft Logistics aspires to reinvent logistics in Pakistan by staying a step ahead of its competition through real time tracking, digital payments that minimize transactional delays and by ensuring a delivery time of hours instead of days. The integral part of Swyft’s mechanism is express deliveries. Ensuring same day deliveries, in the most economical and securest way possible is what makes the company eminent. The best delivery rate across Pakistan makes it easier for you to choose Swyft. Efficient and highly organized delivery system enables you to track your package in real time and electronic signature enables the security of your package, furthermore administering the fact that your package does not get misplaced or delivered elsewhere. At Swyft, your hectic schedules are put into consideration, providing you with the autonomy of setting your own pick-up time every day.

Indifferent from other logistics’ companies, Swyft’s core competency enables them to deliver your returned stock to you within a day’s time. Therefore, letting you know that they are reliable, consistent and trustworthy. To make things even more streamlined, Swyft’s vendor portal is completely automated. So the moment an order is placed online on your website, it is automatically updated to their portal, notifying them that you have a loyal and anxious customer waiting for Swyft to deliver your parcel to them.