How often do buyers regret purchasing commodities when they are unable to trace their exact location? The answer is almost all the time. Most customers tend to get stressed out or become anxious during the time between the placement of an order and its delivery to their doorstep, especially when the order is in transit as this stage may take longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances. A well-organized tracking system is an excellent way to maintain good communication and build trust between the consumer and the company. Customer satisfaction is closely linked to complete knowledge
and awareness of an investment. Therefore, real-time order tracking services have become the need of the hour.

Started as a means to provide accurate and reliable information to consumers regarding their orders, this efficient system holds significance and benefits for both customers and manufacturers. To the latter, this provides access to detailed  consumer data that can be shown to clients to reassure them of the timely delivery of their orders.

Knowing where your parcel is precisely is a great comfort to customers as it ensures more accountability and transparency in management, communication, and operations. As a result, clients are more inclined to buy from companies that offer  shipment tracking as opposed to those that are still looking to do without it. In the age of technology, customers are unwilling to settle for anything that could cause inconvenience for them.

Many companies have had to face the enormous challenge of managing their own shipments and logistics and some are still caught up in the turmoil. The absence of an effective and streamlined tracking system can often result in distribution or delivery problems, customer dissatisfaction, and companies losing track of orders, all of which have adverse effects on profit margins. Furthermore, once a company starts losing customers, it is almost impossible to reconnect with them and rebuild brand loyalty among them all over again. These disappointed customers can also scare away potential buyers through word of mouth or by using social media platforms to share their grievances with a much larger audience.

The three essential traits of a good shipping company are swiftness, cost-effectiveness and reliability. This is especially true with global supply chains. However, low shipping charges and timeliness are only appealing if there is a tracking system in place which removes any uncertainty or doubt that a customer might have with respect to their order.

In today’s world, businesses are largely dependent on quick and reliable logistics services for their success. Therefore, the expansion of order track and trace capabilities has become a necessity for any company that is looking to increase and maintain its customer base.