Same-day delivery has become the new success mantra for e-commerce. In this era of instant gratification, businesses are constantly evolving to devise smarter, more creative strategies and to ensure efficient service delivery, in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In the logistics industry, express delivery is one such premium service.

So, what are some of the factors that have led to an immense growth of same-day delivery offerings in such a short span of time?

In recent times, Pakistan has consistently been included among the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world. Industry experts stated that Pakistan’s e-commerce market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of more than 100 percent.

As per the Ecommerce Index, ‘Electronics and Appliances’, ‘Mobiles and Tablets’ and ‘Fashion’ are the top 3 performing categories in e-commerce. Thus the shift from retail to online sales has really hiked up B2C shipments. Furthermore, increasing urbanization is boosting e-commerce through same-day delivery trends for almost every product category.

Convenience is another key factor here. With rising consumer shipping expectations, it is not only essential to offer multiple delivery options but to maintain an unparalleled level of service quality that would keep them satisfied. This is further supported by a significant finding from the McKinsey survey: E-commerce boom and preference for convenience drive demand for new delivery options and features.

According to one McKinsey survey, more than 25% of shoppers are willing to pay an additional cost for same-day delivery, something retailers can greatly benefit from.

Additional benefits of same-day delivery include:

  • Greater purchase conversion
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Reduced return rate


You’d be surprised by the impact of same-day delivery options on consumer attitudes, behaviors and purchasing habits.


Now that we have established the significance of same-day delivery for retailers, let’s dig deeper into how it can be ensured.

What are the prerequisites for same-day delivery?

  1. Products need to be available locally
  2. Retailers need to have a real-time overview of their inventories across warehouses and outlets
  3. The picking and packing processes need to be fast
  4. Last-mile delivery needs to be flexible enough to pick up and deliver orders ad hoc or multiple times throughout the day

Businesses in Pakistan are quickly venturing into e-commerce to be able to cater to varying consumer preferences, after experiencing rapid emergence and growth of online shopping. It is the convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this new trend that really holds appeal for clients, making it ever more necessary to win their loyalty by providing instant, easy access to multiple delivery options.

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