Where technological advancement has aided efficiency of supply chains and enhancement of services, it has also resulted in higher consumer expectations and a significant change in buying behavior. Consequently, there is greater competition among retailers who are constantly on the lookout for prompt responses to the challenges facing this industry.

In Pakistan, online sales have shown a tremendous increase over the years, pushing the retail business to not only venture into e-commerce but to invest more time and brains into devising effective strategies that could foster its growth. According to one news source, “Pakistan’s E-commerce industry is on course to break the $1B barrier in 2020 & will continue to do so even after it.”

With the emergence of omni-channel retailing, a business model in which all existing channels become completely integrated to offer customers a seamless shopping experience, the role of 3PLs in rendering services to manufacturers, suppliers and retailers has become more vital than ever.

Order processing involves various stages. However, the varying amount of time required to complete this process cannot be used as an excuse for delay because nowadays, consumers gauge service quality by swiftness. Therefore, choosing the right logistics partner for your e-commerce business is now most essential.

What are the characteristics that help 3PLs achieve customer satisfaction?

  1. Security & Reliability: A 3PL system keeps information of multiple e-tailers and lets them view their mobility with the warehouse. Moreover, it efficiently manages storage and logistics of a product, letting online retailers breathe a sigh of relief without having to manage post-purchase order processing.
  2. Transparency: Most e-tailers offer the facility to track and trace orders to their customers, a possibility which can only be achieved with the help of a good 3PL company. The advantage of accessing data from any place and at all times is also made available.
  3. Flexibility & Scalability: 3PLs provide flexibility and scalability to small, medium and large-scale e-tailers. Products are delivered with scale and dependability, keeping service and quality uncompromised.

Inarguably, the industry that has been most affected by this facility is the online apparel market. With new apparel e-commerce companies emerging every day, small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly making use of this advancement to deliver products in the shortest possible time. These retailers also recognize and understand the impatience of their clients who are likely to switch to another supplier or brand if their packages are not delivered promptly.

With this competitiveness in the market, it was only a matter of time before same-day and express delivery services became the need of the hour. In looking to keep their customers satisfied, most e-tailers now prefer to partner with 3PLs in order to ensure e-commerce immediacy and operational security. This is where companies like Swyft come in handy. Having a comprehensive understanding of the market and clientele in Pakistan, Swyft was established to offer logistics services of international standards by not only making same-day delivery a reality but by readily incorporating new technological breakthroughs to innovate and to continuously improve and refine its services.