As the world recovers from 2020, it has become more connected than ever before. With an increasingly growing online world, courier service companies have had to improve and expand their services greatly to meet the rapidly changing demands of the online businesses. Political geographies, economies, and ideas about traditional business have all shifted to a new normal.

Although courier service companies are usually able to deliver everything, everywhere. Local courier qualities are often directly related to the demands of the clients that they cater to. However, having said that, there are still some universally agreed qualities that need to be provided and these qualities are what these third party logistic companies are known for.


The most important aspect of being the greatest courier service is efficiency. Qualities such as effectively taking utmost care of the items from the moment they are picked up from the clients’ warehouse, up till the completion of the delivery are what make a courier service stand out. This includes express deliveries, timely and successful pickup, parcel delivery within a committed date, and good customer service extended by the rider and the customer service center. The ultimate goal is to make the courier company’s clients and their customers fully content.


Customer needs are changing constantly and hence it is imperative to deal with them in a timely and efficient manner. Having the flexibility to do so makes for a lot of happy clients.


Furthermore, In the delivery industry, customer service is everything. All packages big or small are vital to clients and people who have ordered them. Thus, it is essential for the courier service to be able to communicate immediately and effectively, especially about packages that require special handling or come with specific customer requirements. A good way to do this, is to assign a dedicated account manager to each client to ensure efficiency and minimal delays and errors.


Cheap service does not always have to mean poor quality anymore! Value for money is crucial for a business and clients require a fair value for the services that are being offered. Compatibility with your business needs is a must, especially when offering multiple modes of payment like COD, Debit/Credit Card, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, alongside Recordkeeping, stock management, packaging, and barcoding for tracking. Transparency is another very important aspect that allows for a better relationship between the courier company and its client. Sharing a complete billing and summary report with clients would ensure efficient cash collection and cash flow management within an agreed time frame.


Choosing the best courier service for your business can be burdensome. But what brings Swyft ahead of all its competition, is the fact that we provide all these qualities to our clients, regardless of their size. By partnering with us, you get a courier service that goes the extra mile for you and your customers with a friendly attitude, and willingness to solve essential issues.

We further offer an interface integration system that enables clients to receive real-time tracking updates which make it easy for our clients to access tracking info online with real updated status sheets through our vendor portal.

Since Swyft is the first technology and data driven last mile delivery service in Pakistan, we would just like to highlight the thumb rule that the courier service you choose represents your company and Swyft is here for YOU!