Creating an efficient delivery operation and great customer service adds value to any business regardless of size. Additionally, having a lower-cost and higher-performance attracts more online customers, vendors, and associated manufacturers to local logistic services.

The growth of online shopping in the Global Pandemic has made it even more necessary to have a reliable delivery service. Having a third-party courier company will help take off some of the burdens of your company. A 3-PL not only helps smoothen your delivery process but also brings new ideas to the table, eventually adding value to your business.

What are the main ways a third-party logistics company can add value to your business?

Reducing Risks

If done right, your business can gain operational advantages and provide significant cost savings to customers. Outsourcing the delivery process to a reliable courier service provider from the very beginning, means that as a business you do not have to set up, manage and invest in an in-house delivery fleet. That automatically means that you have lesser staff overheads and are not exposed to challenges that plague the logistics sector. Furthermore, a third-party provider can add value immediately through more competitive rates, increased operational flexibility, and enhanced service options to suit the end-user.

Business Resilience

At the end of the day, your business gets value out of the delivery operation by reducing risk and increasing your supply chain resilience against the changing demands of the market. A range of services such as full track and trace, stock management, and 24-hour customer support help build trust with end-users and further aid customer retention for the clients.

Outsourcing to a reliable courier gives business owners a peace of mind, knowing that their delivery partners are leaders in their field, and gives them more time to focus on their business’s core function rather than getting sidetracked by small logistical challenges.


Businesses are often compelled to try and do everything themselves, with a perception that it is cheaper and easier to keep all operations in-house. This is hardly the case nowadays, due to rising fuel costs and unreliable labor. When you are running an e-commerce business, one thing that you absolutely need to get right is, logistics and delivery.


Business needs have changed and so have their customers, who now expect a more reliable and faster delivery service. If you are looking to boost your business, paying attention to logistics, delivery and efficient customer service is key. Characteristics like service efficiency, the flexibility of delivery times, compatibility of delivery handling with client’s business needs, excellent customer service for effective communication and minimizing delivery errors, dedicated account managers, using API’s for an integrated delivery experience, technology-based tracking and Geo fencing and Stock management are services that add real value to your business.

Less Stress for You

A third-party logistics company can help you handle all your logistical concerns and challenges. It takes the day-to-day delivery responsibilities off your hand, so that you can focus all your attention on your customers and growing your business.

Since keeping their customers satisfied should be the main concern, most companies outsource their logistical requirements to third-party companies. In these changing times, having companies like Swyft help put businesses at the top. Swyft provides all these services to our clients and ensures a smooth delivery process.