Swyft Logistics: Leading the Pack Beyond Borders

Swyft Logistics has paved the way for Pakistan’s first international logistics award.

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Swyft: Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry

Pakistan’s leading tech-based courier company, Swyft Logistics, has set astonishing new benchmarks and revolutionized the logistics industry over the past year resulting in the transformation of last-mile solutions being offered in the industry.

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Swyft Delivery Tech Way

Muhammad Uns is the CEO of Swyft Logistics- a B2B tech-based logistics startup that promises better and unique end to end delivery solutions to its customers. The company, which is hardly 15 months old, caters to the needs of more than a thousand brands and businesses that need quick and efficient flow of goods to their customers.

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Swyft Logistics Aspires To Be One of the Best Tech Companies in Pakistan

Swyft now aspires to be one of the best tech companies in Pakistan and to achieve this goal, Swyft is proud to have Mr. Haider Ali Aslam on board as VP Engineering to build and expand its tech team.

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In the war between TCS and the startups, who will emerge the King of eCommerce logistics?

In the eCommerce logistics world, the prominent ones are Rider, Swyft Logistics and Trax.

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